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Investment Properties Owen Sound

Investment Properties Owen Sound: More Opportunities Than Ever

I’m writing this post at a time when Owen Sound’s real estate market has hit a new record… …as of yesterday, the city’s housing inventory…

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Joint Venture Opportunity in Owen Sound

Full Walk-through of the AirBnb Project: What we are seeking in a partner: cash partner who is willing to hold the property for a maximum…

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Can a BLIND BIDDING Ban Help Owen Sound Home Buyers?

  What is blind bidding? For those of you who are uninitiated, blind bidding is the practice of offering a price to a home seller…

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Can A Blind Bidding Ban Help Owen Sound Housing Prices?

The 2021 election focused heavily on Canada’s housing crisis and of all the promises made by party leaders, one pledge resonated a little more than…

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Bruce Peninsula Motels

Invest in the Grey-Bruce Region

If you’ve been telling yourself that building a business as well as a life in a place like Toronto is no longer worth the effort…

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