About RWC

Small town living will never be the same.

Life in rural communities was initially up-ended when the digital age allowed people living in even the smallest hamlets to gain access to worldwide information.

That was change #1.

Then along came a nasty little pandemic to turn the world on its ear.

Everything about living in a rural community is completely different than what it was 10 years ago with one exception: traditions.

In this podcast, the aim is to see what works in rural towns as well as what’s holding them back.

We’ll take a close look at the stories, case studies and ideas that have generated wealth in rural communities.

The Rural Wealth Podcast Is Brought To You By:

I’m going to go first person here to explain who I am and why I launched this company.Breese-RWC

My name is John Breese and I returned to the area in 2019 after living in many cities and doing a lot of travel.

When planning my comeback to Owen Sound, a big part of my plan was to invest in the region’s real estate.

It wasn’t until I actually got back to town that I realized just how lucrative the local real estate market is for both long-term and short-term rentals.

Match that with an economy that is under-served in a number of categories and all I could see was a perfect recipe for a region just waiting to shoot forward in a huge way.

If you’re looking for real estate market that is largely untapped, but has huge upward potential, NOW it the time to lock up those opportunities.

Once all of Toronto’s satellite cities’ real estate market opportunities start to dry up, Owen Sound and Grey-Bruce will soon be the next big target.