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“The goal of this marketing agency is to leverage GreyBruce Now's audience and ability to generate traffic and give local business owners the personal attention that large media agencies won't give them.”

John Breese

Marketing Specialist / Founder 

What Can We Help Your Business With?

Google / Facebook Ads

Both Google & Facebook offer powerful traffic solutions, but both systems are constantly changing - and we're constantly keeping up with those changes.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

​Optimizing your site so that it appears on page one of Google, Bing and other major search engines is one of the wisest investments you can make in your business.

Once you achieve top rank for keywords that best describe your business, you can pull the plug on paying for placements.

search engine optimization Owen Sound

Email Marketing

If you're going to spend any money on advertising or building your SEO, you need to convert that traffic into email subscribers. It's a MUST.

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Writing to sell is an art form. We write ads that speak to what your customers are actually thinking and feeling.

Email Marketing Owen Sound

Accelerated Growth Plan

You wouldn't believe how much growth potential there is for your business. Some might be evident, like ecommerce.

But have you ever considered memberships/subscription plans for what you offer? What about joint ventures and licensing? Get in touch and we'll examine the ways in which we can expand your business,

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We're Not Just A Marketing Agency... 

...We're Also A Multi-Media Online Magazine

Other agencies offer marketing solutions and that's pretty much where it ends.

With GreyBruce Now, you're working with a marketing agency that has its very own media channel.


Want us to shine a light on your business and make it feel like a content piece? This is the option for you.


One of the most classic buzz generators and we do it like pros.

Southampton Small Business

Business Guides

Perfect if you're looking to benefit from SEO and get visitors specifically looking for your business.

Standard Ad Placements

Take advantage of the dedicated traffic our unique content generates.

​How We Work With You...

Are we the right fit for your business' marketing needs?

Far too many agencies will take on clients regardless of whether or not there's a fit.

There's too much at stake to operate like that. Here is how I typically work with clients >>>


Let's Talk

It starts with a no-obligations, no-pressure consultation about your challenges and plans you have regarding your business.


Let's Plan

If we're here, it means we've decided to work together. We map out a realistic plan to achieve the goals discussed in Step #1.


Let's Execute

This is where the rubber meets the road - we start testing our marketing and making any changes that might be required.


Let's Expand

This is the success phase - the marketing efforts performed like gangbusters. Now it's time to become larger.

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​What Previous Clients Have To Say...


 Jason Goncalves 

 President, Perma Brands Inc. 

"John has a very strong marketing team that helped launch our second business A LOT faster than is usual with their expertise in sale funnel architecture and email marketing."


 Geoff Ronning 

 CEO, Stealth Seminar 

"John and his team took content and testimonials we already had on file to create an innovative lead generation campaign that has been converting cold traffic on a level like we haven't seen in a long time."


 John Romaniello 

 CEO, Roman Fitness Systems 

"My name is John Romaniello, and my specialty is create workouts and blogging, and this has allowed me to build a nice sized business--one which demands a good deal of my time. And, like any busy person, i have to decide which tasks I'm going to handle personally, and which I'm going to outsource.

The decision to hire a copy write didn't come easily, mainly because I traditionally write my own copy and I have a fair hand at it. But, truth told, it's not my strong suit. I realized that if I wanted to take my business and my newer products to the next level, I needed to hire some help.

That's when I found John. After reviewing his work, seeing his conversion rates, and really getting a feel for how he did business, I realized within minutes that he was the right fit; and thank goodness I made that decision!

John is fast, thorough, and above all talented. He writes words that sell, but more importantly than that he writes them in a way that captures YOUR voice, and allows you to continue with YOUR core message. His gift for "mimicry" is really incredible.

I'm really happy I went with John - the copy is great, the price was fair, and I was able to place my trust in someone who didn't disappoint. I'll be using John for future projects, without a doubt."

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